Is your Windows computer slower than before? Chances are, your computer is infected by virus or malwares. Virus  and spyware removal is expensive and inconvenient. As an example, Best Buy Geek Squad, charges between $150 to $250 to remove virus and spywares from computers. ITS does NOT provide  service to individual students.

However, the following are recommended applications as first line of defense and to get rid of malwares.


AVG antivirus


As added protection, follow these guidelines:

  1. Install AdBlockPro, an ad blocking plugin for most browsers.
  2. Scan your computer every week using one of the above applications.
  3. Exercise precaution when downloading files. Many downloading websites are actually distribution sites for malwares and dangerous cookies and spywares.
  4. As much as possible don’t share passwords via chat. Change your passwords regularly. Don’t use same password for all your accounts.
  5. Refrain from clicking pop-ups unless you’re 100% sure it’s safe.

Take all necessary precautions to prevent infection.


Computer Trouble Report

  • Our IT staff reserves the right to refuse service of personally owned computer or devices that are not for official ITS use.


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