How do I get a Moodle account and how do I log in?

First of all, you need an active ITS email account. Request the IT admin as soon as possible to activate your email account if you don’t have  one. It takes about 24 hours for any request to be acted on.

Go to Moodle login page

Step 1. Click Moodle on the menu of ITS website.




Step 2. Open and click Google Login



It will take you to ITS Google login page to confirm your identity.

Type your ITS email address  and your password. It will take you directly to your Moodle front page.

What do I need to use Moodle?

Moodle will work in any modern web browser. Your browser should have both cookies and JavaScript enabled. These are typically enabled by default, but if you think these settings need enabling, check the documentation for your particular browser on how to enable cookies and JavaScript.


Firefox 3 (or later)
Google Chrome 11 (or later)
MS Internet Explorer 7 (or later)
Safari 4 (or later)

Note: In the past, some browsers did not support Moodle’s in-line HTML editor however updates now support the HTML editor in Google Chrome and Safari. Make sure you have the latest version of your browser in order to use the HTML editor.

How else can I learn more about Moodle?

Moodle has an extensive built in help system. At the bottom of most pages there is a link to a Moodle Docs entry for that page. Next to many objects in Moodle you will find a Help Icon. Selecting this will bring up contextual help and is very useful.

Moodle has a large user community and a lot of online documentation. Our IT staff created a tutorial course Moodle 101 within ITS  Moodle environment.

Moodle Website

Moodle Documentation

Moodle Teacher

Using Moodle Book