Manoch Jangmook (M.Div, Th.M ’93, D.Min. ’03) 

Dr. Manoch Jangmook (Thailand) is the President of the Bangkok Bible College and Seminary (, one of the largest evangelical seminaries in Thailand. He holds the M.Div., Th.M. and D.Min from International Theological Seminary.

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Below is an excerpt and link to an interview with Dr. Jangmook made available by a missionary to Thailand, Karl Dahlfred.

KD: Thank you, Dr. Manoch, for your time to share with us about your life and ministry, and about the vision of BBS. Could I start by asking how you came to faith?

Manoch: Thank you for the question and for the opportunity to tell about how I came to faith. I came from a non-Christian family in Phitsanulok province. I came from a religious family. We believe in karma and my family put me in the care of the Buddhist temple for my education so that I would grow up to be good. I went back and forth between home and the temple, and I became very familiar with Buddhism. If there was sickness or problems at home, my family would have me become a novice monk for a time. I did this many times. When there were social problems, protests, etc., I fled to the temple and become a novice monk for a time. I thought maybe in a former life, I had many problems and bad karma in my family, so perhaps that was the cause for my present problems.

But when I was 16 years old, I became sick and went to a Christian hospital and there I heard the Gospel and read the Bible. I read the whole thing from Genesis to Revelation. I didn’t read because I wanted to believe but just to know, and to compare it to Buddhism. I had memorized many Buddhist

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