Joseph_Tong1Dr. Joseph Tong, President Emeritus of ITS, presented a paper at Asia Theological Association (ATA) Triennial General Assembly meeting held in Jakarta, Indonesia, on August 12-16. The theme of the Assembly was “Communicating the Gospel Contextually in Contemporary Asia.” Tong was one of the invited main session speakers. Dr. Tong spoke on the socio-political contexts of contemporary Asia. In his presentation, he highlighted the importance of spiritual formation and theological education in guiding church leaders who become conscious of their socio-political power in the society. Unless they are prepared to handle such immense power and influence over increasing number of Christians in Asia, Tong warns that the Church leadership will “step into the quick sand of mud-lake and land mine, where endless seduction and challenge begin.”

ATA consists of theological institutions from Asia, the Middle East, United States, and the South Pacific that are committed to evangelical faith and scholarship, 264 members institutions in 32 nations. ITS is one of the three accredited members from the U.S.A.