The ITS Alumni Association is hosting a grand event for US-based alumni on May 20, 2016 at 7:00 PM. The event will be held at El Monte Senior Center at 3120 Tyler Ave, El Monte. The aim is to reconnect the local alumni and create a network for mutual support. The event also aims to establish a strong partnership between the alumni association and ITS.  The theme is “Celebrating ITS Now and Next.”

The gathering will highlight grandAlumniget-togetherroll call of alums by classes, sharing of stories, updates from school, potluck dinner fellowship,  ethnic presentations and many more.  The graduating class of 2016 will also attend and be received as members of the association pending their formal graduation on June  11, 2016. All the graduates and former students are invited.

The centerpiece of this event is the launch of alumni fund drive to raise $10,000 pledges toward the ITS capital fund, a humble contribution to help the continued ministry of our school.

In the ITSAA bylaws, all graduates as well as former students who finished a third  (1/3) the total units of their respective degree programs  are members of the association.

For more information, contact Grace Kicha ( at 626 448 0023 Ext 108, Ruth Chen ( at 626 448 0023 Ext 105, Abraham Kicha (, Jonas Muljo ( or Rei Eusebio ( at 626 448 0023 Ext 107.