A Message from the President

JLEEInternational Theological Seminary is a truly unique place in many ways. Located in the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California, the Seminary is a portal to diverse cultures and peoples. When you step into our building, you will see many different faces and races who have come together with one common goal: serving God, serving local communities, and serving the global church.

We are here to serve the Church of Christ that spans every continent in the world. Since its inception 32 years ago, International Theological Seminary has focused on training pastors and leaders for the Majority World. With over 1,000 graduates, the influence of International Theological Seminary can be felt in countries like Tanzania, Nigeria, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, China, and the United States. A seminary does not need to be big in order to impact the world for the Kingdom of God. The global church needs trained and committed disciples of Christ who are anchored in their spiritual and cultural roots and who adapt to the changing global context with intercultural sensitivities and communication skills. International Theological Seminary is the right training ground for those who seek this type of discipleship.

We also place an emphasis on serving local communities. The global mission is possible only when we bring about transformation in communities where we belong, live, and minister. Need for this transformation is especially great in countries from which our students come from, as many of their communities suffer from poverty, corruption, and environmental damage. Our graduates are naturally inclined to take the Gospel and live it out in their communities holistically. However, the community focus of the Seminary’s mission extends beyond the Majority World–to our own backyard, North America. The greater Los Angeles area is where God has placed International Theological Seminary to be. We, the faculty, staff, students, and board members would like to minister to diverse ethnic communities in the Los Angeles area and other cities. Thus, we extend our invitation to all of you who have a heart for ministry in the Majority World or in communities in the US and Canada.

I hope to see you on campus sometime in the near future, whether it be for a simple visit, to audit a class or to pursue a degree.

Being part of this diverse community even for a short period of time will surely reward you with the amazement for God’s rich gift for His creation, deep appreciation of Christ’s love for all humanity, and witness of the Spirit’s moving and working in every culture and people.

I invite you to this exciting adventure.

Sincerely in Christ,


James S. Lee