Full-time Study

The minimum fulltime study load for the four degree programs of ITS is as follows:

M. A.
12 units per quarter
M. Div.
12 units per quarter
Th. M.
9-12 units per quarter
D. Min.
10 units per quarter

Student with F-l visa is allowed to carry less than the minimum units in the last quarter of the last year of study ONLY. The seminary, however, recommends the following study load in order for a student to complete his/her program within a normal length of study period:

M. A. 16 units per quarter to complete the program in two years
M. Div. 16 units per quarter to complete the program in three years
Th. M. 12 units per quarter to complete the course work and thesis in two years
D. Min. 15 units per quarter to complete the course work and dissertation in two years


Grading Policy

Grade System

Letter grades are used with the following numerical values for the purpose of computing the grade point average:

Excellent Good Average Poor Failure
A+  4.00 B+  3.33 C+  2.33 D+  1.33 F    0.00
A    4.00 B   3.00 C   2.00 D    1.00
A-   3.67 B-   2.67 C-   1.67 D-   0.67

     A grade below C- is not counted toward a degree. Any core course with grade of C- is not counted towards the degree and should be repeated.

Policy on Incomplete Grades

A student, for reasons of documented illness or other hardship, may request an extension of the due date for course work. The professor, with the concurrence of the Academic Dean, may give an “I” grade for the course. This grade is temporary and the student will be given up to the end of the next quarter to complete the course requirements. If at the end of the agreed time frame, the “/” grade is not removed, it will automatically change to “F”. The grade will appear as such on the permanent record.

     When a student receives an “F” grade, the course will have to be repeated if it is needed to fulfill course requirements or core course for a degree program. An “F” grade is counted in computing the current and cumulative GPA until a new grade is given for the course.

     A student may withdraw from any course without penalty during the first week of the quarter. Withdrawal is possible without penalty thereafter only by special permission from the Academic Dean. If a student withdraws after the first week period, he/she will be charged tuition for the withdrawn course(s) according to the schedule for refunds listed earlier.

Transfer of Credit

Requests for transfer of credit will be reviewed only after a student has applied for admission into a degree program at ITS. The maximum credits to be transferred from another institution to ITS may be up to one-half of credits required for the same degree at ITS.

M. A (96 units) up to 48 units transferable
M. Div. (144 units) up to 72 units transferable
Th. M. (33 units, plus a thesis) up to 16 units transferable
D. Min. (45 units, plus a dissertation) up to 22 units transferable

Courses to be considered for transfer must have been completed successfully at another institution with a grade C or above for the M. A and M. Div. programs and B- or above for the Th. M. and D. Min. programs. (See the Academic Dean for transfer of credits).


Anyone who is not current enrolled student can take the courses offered at ITS through the required procedures. In order to audit a class, an auditor has to obtain the permission of the Academic Dean, complete the necessary registration, and pay a non-refundable fee ($100 per course) for each course. The fee is refundable only if the instructor does not approve the class attendance of the auditor.
An auditor who wants to take a course for credit is subject to the academic policy of the seminary, including tuition and class assignments.

No fee may be charged when the members of the faculty, staff, and full-time students audit a course.