General Information

The academic programs of International Theological Seminary are designed to equip men and women mainly from Third World countries, who are committed to the Lord and his Church, and who are eager to learn. The seminary uses a quarter system in which there are three main quarters in one academic year (Fall, Winter, and Spring). To encourage international students to complete their programs sooner than the normal study period and return to their home countries, elective courses are offered during the summer (in June and July) and winter (December).

Bible Knowledge Test

Passing the Bible Knowledge Test is required to all students at ITS before completion of their programs. The purpose of the test is to measure students’ comprehensive knowledge of the Bible, by giving one hundred and fifty unmarked verses from the Old and New Testaments and asking them to write the name of the book and chapter in which a given verse is found. Although the test is a requirement for graduation, all new students are encouraged to pass it as early as possible during their study at ITS. The Bible Knowledge Test is administered twice during each academic year, thus students are encouraged to take the test in their second year. If the examination is failed two times, a student whose last score was in the proximity of passing may request the Academic Dean to give him/her another attempt.

Future Ministry Plan

The “Future Ministry Plan (FMP)” is a tool for assessing students’ ability and skills in integrating theological education and previous ministerial experiences into future ministry. It is required for M.Div. and M.A. students. It is designed to guide the students to set goals and develop action plans to prepare for their future ministry. A monthly “Peer-student Evaluation” under the supervision of the resident faculty is conducted