The Student Body

The ITS student body is an international community of church leaders. A large number of countries are usually represented in the student body (e.g., Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Cameroon, China, Egypt, El Salvador, Egypt, Ethiopia, Ghana, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Korea, Laos, Malawi, Malaysia, Micronesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Palau, Peru, the Philippines, Russia, Rwanda, Singapore, Sudan, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Ukraine, Uganda, USA, Vietnam,  Zaire, etc.). The rich fellowship among the students encourages them to expand the Kingdom of God to the ends of the earth. God’s goodness to ITS is displayed in the ministries of ITS graduates. ITS alumni have filled leadership positions upon return to their home countries to serve their churches.

Chapel and Prayer Time

Worship and prayer meetings are part of ITS family daily schedule. The chapel times play an important role in molding Christian characters and promoting unity among students, staff and faculty.

Small Groups Prayer Meetings, Fellowships and Retreat

Every Wednesday, faculty, staff and the entire student body are formed into small groups to spend time in prayer. Small groups meet to nurture one another with their testimonies and to pray for specific concerns and requests. Faculty members and staffs open their homes to students for fellowships, movies and informal bonding time. The family atmosphere is what makes ITS a home away from home.