We Are International

The students, staff, faculty, and board members of International Theological Seminary (ITS) are from all over the world. This international aspect of ITS was well described by Dr. John H. Kromminga, the late President Emeritus of the seminary, when he once wrote about ITS as follows: “Where all are aliens, none is an alien.” ITS is proud that, from its founding in 1982 until now, it has faithfully maintained its commitment to the very first word in the school name “International.”

Although the students at ITS are diverse ethnically, it is important to emphasize that they are bound together by a common purpose. The ITS student body is a genuine epitome of the expression “Unity in Diversity.” Students accept one another in love, peace, and gentleness. “An Intercultural Experience” is not a subject of study at ITS but daily life.

We Are Reformed

ITS welcomes and admits students from different backgrounds representing a broad cross-section of denominational affiliations. The Seminary, however, teaches, follows, and guards the essentials of the Reformed faith, because the ITS community believes that the Reformed theology most accurately represents the teachings of the Bible. While emphasizing the tradition of the Reformed faith, ITS maintains relevance in a rapidly changing world.In order to respond appropriately to the world and churches, ITS endeavors through spiritual and academic programs to combine the teaching of the inerrant Word to all matters pertaining to today’s culture and Christian life.

We Are Mission-Oriented

ITS’ mission strategy is to train leaders of all nations and send them back to their homeland after graduation. The impact of internationally-trained locaL leaders is proven to be far-reaching and very effective. We Are Independent and Multi-denominational

ITS is an independent multi-denominational and multi-ethnic theological institution. ITS is authorized under Federal law to enroll non-immigrant alien students.

We Are Small-Sized

ITS keeps the size of its student body small to maintain an equilibrium between the quality of its teaching and financial assistance for students. It is truly remarkable that, being almost entirely dependent upon the generosity of donors from its beginning, ITS has produced more than 800 graduates who are currently serving the Lord all over the world as pastors, teachers, missionaries, evangelists. Christian leaders, and in other capacities.

Due to the school policy to maintain a small-sized student body, the Admissions committee is highly selective in the annual application review. As for admission, three aspects of an applicant are considered important to receive priority in admission. They are spiritual maturity, ministerial experience, and potentials to be an effective church leader.