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  • International Theological Seminary has been a family to me. I have been privileged to meet with selfless, humble, caring, loving and sacrificial professors. They gave us the best and our having the one tone opportunity to talk and interact in class, out of class and during retreats and picnics was fascinating.


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  • ITS Receives Educational Grants from Christian Foundations

    ITS Receives Educational Grants from Christian Foundations

    The Worldwide Christian Churches Ministries (WCCM) – Rev. Fred Cheung Memorial Scholarships has recently announced the scholarship fund for International Theological Seminary amounting to $30,000. The Rev. Fred Cheung founded WCCM in 1995. WCCM aims […]

  • ITS Welcomes New Communication Director

    ITS Welcomes New Communication Director

    ITS welcomes Karen Kano as the newest member of the staff as Communication Director beginning 2014 Fall Quarter. Among her many responsibilities, she will be in charge of public relations, press releases, event marketing,  internal and external […]

  • 唐崇懷博士發表於亞洲神學協會〈ATA〉論文


    唐崇懷博士是一位從國際神學院〈ITS〉退休的校長。此次,他在亞洲神學協會三年一次的大會會議在印尼雅加達舉行,發表一篇論文。 八 月 十二至十六日大會主題是『當代亞洲福音的溝通語境』。唐崇懷博士是此次會議受邀請主要講員之一。會中唐博士談到「當代亞洲的社會政治環境」。在他的演講,他強調屬靈生命的造就和神學教育是要教導教會領袖們認識他們在社會上的社會政治力量的重要性。唐博士警告說:教會領袖將「走進砂泥湖和地雷,這些地方是無盡的誘惑與挑戰的開始。」除非他們備戰處理這種巨大的力量和影響力超過 在亞洲增長的基督徒人數。 亞洲神學協會〈ATA〉成 員包括來自亞洲、 中東 和南太平洋 的三十二 個國家,二百六十四個 會員的神學機構。這些機構皆致力於福音派的信仰和獎學金。其中國際神學院〈ITS〉是來自美國被亞洲神學協會〈ATA〉認證的三個會員中 的一個。