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Diversity and Unity

A hands-on multicultural experience with students, faculty and staff representing a broad spectrum of ethnic background.

Academic and Spiritual Relevance

ITS endeavors through spiritual and academic programs to combine the teaching of the inerrant Word to all matters pertaining to today’s culture and Christian life.

Global Outreach

Our mission is to equip and train in the Reformed tradition teachers, community leaders, and pastors, who can help transform local communities into vibrant places of worship, mission, and justice.

Accepting new students in all degree programs


What our alums say

  • ITS helped me to be a leader, a pastor and administrator. I have effectively used the education I received from ITS in my capacity as President of Bangkok Bible College and Seminary in Thailand where there are more than seven hundred and fifty students. I am grateful to ITS, my alma mater.

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Visit ITS Campus

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